Brian Mac Domhnaill

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Catafalque I - Catafalque used to present coffin during ceremony, Island Crematorium, Rocky Island, Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork, 2014, Chromogenic print on dibond, 31 x 46cm.

The photographic series Catafalque (2014) is an exploration of some of the environments through which human remains pass or rest temporarily prior to disposal. A catafalque is a raised structure or platform on which the body of a deceased person is placed during a memorial ceremony. Because of the sensitivity of the subject and the nature of the spaces concerned, a prolonged period of communication and interaction with specialist proprietors and staff was necessary in order to provide reassurance and gain trust. No photographs of human remains would be included in the project. It was important that the physical spaces depicted appear to be accessible to the living, providing the possibility of psychologically entering that space. Locations included a crematorium, a funeral home, a crypt viewing box, a city morgue, a shoreline and a family home.