Brian Mac Domhnaill

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Dr. Benjamin Gearey, Caitríona Moore, Mark Griffiths and Brian Mac Domhnaill on site at Meitheal Mara, Cork City, 2015

The Pallasboy Project (2015-2019) is a collaboration between Dr. Benjamin Gearey (archaeologist), Mark Griffiths (woodworker), Brian Mac Domhnaill (archaeologist/photographer) and others. The project, which is funded by the World Wood Day Fund via the International Wood Culture Society, aims to explore the creative process involved in the crafting of prehistoric wooden artefacts beginning with the ‘Pallasboy Vessel’, an Iron Age wooden artefact discovered in 2000 in Pallasboy townland, Toar Bog, Co. Westmeath. In addition to a role centred on visual documentation and dissemination Brian Mac Domhnaill also curates additional participatory outputs such as The Pallasboy Sounding (2014) and The Second Sounding (2017).